Patio Covers
San  Mateo Ca.
Foster City Ca.
Half Moon Bay Ca.
Richard Rodgers Construction
We sell build and repair patio covers
 in San Mateo, Foster City, Half Moon Bay.
​The San Mateo area has many climates that we call micro climates. Patios covers and can help keep you cool and out of the sun on the blistering hot days in the bay area and keep you dry in the rain.
We build patio covers and lattice for all the bay area Patio covers have made a lot of changes
the past few years. They can look like wood
They can have rafter tails and lattice trim all on a solid cover. Patio covers have become very modern. lattice covers give partial shade 
let the light in and still cool.   We build for most every purpose child day care centers, protection for your pets, protect machinery, carports. 
We sell build and repair patio covers
in San Mateo, Foster City, Half Moon Bay,
call 510-258-9793
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